Agenda: April 2021


CITY OF LUXEMBURG –April 7, 2021

 Luxemburg City Hall


Mayor Roger Oberbroeckling opens the meeting at 6:00 pm.

Roll call

Approval of agenda for April 7, 2021

Approval of minutes from March 2021

Approval of bills, Receipts, financial reports.

* Open Mow Bids For 2021 and award

*Building Permit: 1) Luke Bockenstedt-New home, 2)Progressive Structures-New Commercial building

*Approval Ron & Amy’s Liquor License

*Resolution approving the Revenue Purpose Statement for Electric Franchise.

*Arbor Day Proclamation, Park Cleanup

* Real Estate Contract or Progressive Structures, set public hearing for disposal of land- Lot 2 of Luxemburg Subdivision No.7 in the City of Luxemburg, Iowa.

* Communication

Roger J. Oberbroeckling, Mayor