Minutes: February 2021

City of Luxemburg

 Minutes-Public Hearing Max Levy

February 1, 2021

Mayor Roger J. Oberbroeckling opened the public hearing at 6:00 pm in the Luxemburg City Hall. Present were: Helen Deutmeyer, Dave Rueber, Rick Steffen, Matt Ramler, and Mike Ung at 6:05pm.

Steffen made the motion to approve the agenda for February 1, 2021 seconded by Ramler.

No comments were received written or verbal on the max levy for property tax, no one present from the public.

Rueber made the motion to close the public hearing and open the regular meeting, second by Ramler.

Deutmeyer made the motion to approve the minutes from January, 2021, Seconded by Steffen.

Ramler made the motion to approve the financial reports bills, receipts second by Rueber.

Liquor License for the 4- Way Tap was approved on a motion from Ramler, second by Ungs. Ayes-Ramler, Reuber, Steffen, Deutmeyer, Ungs.

RESOLUTION #2021-07 A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE FINAL PLATTING OF PROGRESSIVE STRUCTURES LOT 1 & LOT 2 IN LUXEMBURG SUBDIVISION NO.7 was approved on a motion from Deutmeyer, second by Ramler. Ayes-Ramler, Rueber, Ungs, Deutmeyer, Steffen

RESOLUTION #2021-06 A RESOLUTION APPROVING THE MAXIMUM PROPERTY TAX DOLLARS REQUESTED FOR FY21/22 was approved on a motion from Rueber, Second by Ungs. Ayes- Ungs, Deutmeyer, Ramler, Reuber, Steffen

The council and Mayor went over the new budget numbers for the FY21/22. The discussion included the fund balances and the road work that needs to be completed.  Motion from Rueber to set March 1, 2021 for Public Hearing on the budget, second by Steffen. Ayes-all.

Mayor Oberbroeckling went over the franchise fee information from Alliant Energy with the council. The Mayor stated that the local option 1% tax that is on the utility bill from Alliant now would be turned into the franchise fee and the City of Luxemburg would get this amount directly sent to them. This would not increase the Alliant bill for residents at all. The Mayor will look into this option and get more information for the council to review.

The website has been revamped by Allison Oberbroeckling and was reviewed by the council. The site has a lot of great information on the City of Luxemburg for residents to access. Residents may view at luxemburgiowa.com.

The council reviewed the information from the Mayor on the Hwy 136/52 project that will be started this year. Bids will go out in April; the City will have the millings to use from this project and will be placing them in the park and trail area. The Mayor will continue to update the council as we get information from the DOT.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned on a motion from Steffen second by Ramler at 6:50 pm. Submitted by: Angela Oberbroeckling, City Clerk.