Agenda: March 2021


CITY OF LUXEMBURG –March 1, 2021

 Luxemburg City Hall


Mayor Roger Oberbroeckling opens the  public hearing at 6:00 pm.

Roll call

Approval of agenda for March 1, 2021

Public Hearing on: the Budget for FY21/22

Comments received, public present

Motion to close public hearing and open regular meeting

Approval of  corrected minutes from February 2021

Approval of bills, Receipts, financial reports.

* Resolution#2021-08, Resolution approving the Budget for FY 21/22  

* RCTP Grant Discussion, Approval of Resolutions for projects and grant application

* Resolution approving the final plat of North Fork Maquoketa River Subdivision Plat 2

* Discussion on the City Attorney-  review of performance, timelines

* Building Permit for Travis Bries-  garage on lot #17

* Progressive Structures- updates


Roger J. Oberbroeckling, Mayor