Agenda: May 2021



 Luxemburg City Hall

Mayor Roger Oberbroeckling opens the  public hearing at 6:00 pm.

Roll call

            1.Approval of agenda for May 3, 2021

Public Hearing on the Proposed adoption of an Ordinance granting Franchise Agreement

Public Hearing on  Sale of  Lot 2 in Luxemburg Subdivision No. 7 to Progressive Structures

Comments received, public present

            2.Motion to close public hearing and open regular meeting

            3.Approval of minutes from April 2021

            4.Approval of bills, Receipts, financial reports.

* Resolution#2021-13, Resolution approving the Sale of Lot 2 in Luxemburg subdivision No 7 to Progressive  Structures. 

* Ordinance #01-2021 First reading of Ordinance adopting franchise agreement with Interstate Power and Light, waive second and third reading and adopt?

*Liquor License- approval Luxemburg Liquor, Tobacco & Gas

* Cigarette License- approval for Luxemburg Liquor, Tobacco & Gas

*DOT plan approval for Hwy 3

* Building Permit-Ann Flynn for fence in backyard

*Commercial and residential land updates

*Park updates

* Retaining wall-City hall discuss options

* Discussion –end of year transfers, employee wages


Roger J. Oberbroeckling, Mayor