Minutes: May 2021

City of Luxemburg

Council Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2021

Mayor Roger J. Oberbroeckling opened the Public Hearing meeting at 6:00pm in the Luxemburg City Hall. Present were: Rick Steffen, Mike Ungs, and Dave Rueber, Helen Deutmeyer, Matt Ramler.

Deutmeyer made the motion to approve the agenda for May 3, 2021, second by Rueber.

The Mayor opened the Public Hearing on the Franchise with Interstate Power and Electric There has been no comments written or verbal received on this topic. Ramler made the motion to close the Public Hearing on the Franchise agreement and Open Public Hearing on the sale of Lot 2 to Progressive Structures, second by Rueber.

Public Hearing on the sale of Lot 2 in the Luxemburg Subdivision No7 to Progressive Structures was opened by the Mayor, no comments received written or verbal on the sale. Motion from Rueber to close the public hearing and open the regular meeting, second by Ungs.

               Rueber made the motion to approve the minutes from April 2021, Second by Deutmeyer.

Ungs made the motion to approve the financial report, bills, and receipts as reported, second by Ramler.

Deutmeyer made the motion to approve RESOLUTION #2021-13 APPROVING THE SALE OF LOT 2 IN THE LUXEMBURG SUBDIVISION NO.7 TO PROGRESSIVE STRUCTURES , second by Ramler, ayes-all.

First reading of ORDINANCE #01-2021 AN ORDINANCE REPEALING ORDINANCE #01-2019 AND GRANTING TO INTERSTATE POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY A NON EXCLUSIVE TWENTY-FIVE YEAR  FRANCHISE , Motion from Rueber to approve the reading and to waive the second And third reading and adopt the ordinance, second by Deutmeyer. Ayes-all

Deutmeyer made the motion to approve the liquor license for Luxemburg Liquor, Tobacco & Gas, second by Ungs. Ayes-all.

Ungs made the motion to approve the Cigarette license for Luxemburg Liquor Tobacco & Gas second by Ramler. Ayes-all.

Building permit for Ann Flynn for a fence in her backyard was approved on a motion from Ramler, second by Ungs. Ayes-all.

Building permit for William Kluesner for a deck was approved on a motion from Deutmeyer, second by Ramler, ayes-all.

Discussion on the Hwy 136 project was next on the agenda, the Mayor stated he had a preconstruction agreement from the DOT on the Hwy 3 plan; the Mayor went over the cost and proposal. Motion from Steffen to sign agreement, second by Ramler.

Mayor Oberbroeckling informed the council that Progressive Structures will begin moving the excessive dirt and placing storm sewer to the south of lot 19, And they will start placing the pipe to his building site in the Commercial area. Matt Ramler placed post on the lot markers so they will now be visible.

Park updates, netting is all up on the batting cages and the volleyball area, and the signs for the disk golf course are up as well. Discussion followed on the benches that are getting donated and where to place these.

The retaining wall at City Hall was discussed, the Mayor has received a few quotes to replace and repair.

Discussion on the end of fiscal year transfers that will be needed.  The employee wages were also discussed for the new fiscal year. The clerk will get the resolutions ready to approve for the next meeting.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned on a motion from Steffen, second by Rueber at 7:45pm. Submitted by: Angie Oberbroeckling, City Clerk.