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Minutes: January 2023

City of Luxemburg


January 9, 2023

Mayor Roger J. Oberbroeckling opened the meeting at 6:00 pm in the Luxemburg City Hall. Present were: Dave Rueber, Matt Ramler, and Mike Ungs, Travis Bries, Andy Bockenstedt.

Rueber made the motion to approve the agenda for January 9, 2023 seconded by Ramler.

Bockenstedt made the motion to approve the minutes from December, 2022, Seconded by Bries.

Bries made the motion to approve the financial reports, receipts, second by Ramler.

RESOLUTION #2023-02 A RESOLUTION APPOINTING FIDELITY BANK, LUXEMBURG BRANCH AS THE OFFICIAL DEPOSITORY was approved on a motion from Bockenstedt, second by Ramler. Ayes-Ramler, Rueber, Ungs, Bries, Bockenstedt

RESOLUTION #2022-01 A RESOLUTION APPOINITNG DOUGLAS HERMAN, WITH LYNCH DALLAS P.C. as the city attorney at a rate of $175.00 per hour was approved on a motion from Rueber, Second by Ungs. Ayes- Ungs, Ramler, Rueber, Bries, Bockenstedt.

RESOLUTION #2023-03 A RESOLUTION APPOINTING ANGELA O BERBROECKLING AS CITY CLERK was approved on a motion from Bries, second by Ramler. Ayes- Bries, Ramler, Ungs, Bockenstedt, Rueber

The Mayor went over the budget numbers for the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year, discussion followed on the projects, budget numbers, and max levy. The Mayor went over the process for the max levy notice and numbers with the council.

RESOLUTION#2023-04 A RESOLUTION SETTING TIME AND PLACE FOR A PUBLIC HEARING FOR THE PURPOSE IF CONSIDERING THE MAXIMUM TAX DOLLARS FROM CERTAIN LEVIES FOR THE CITY’S PROPOSED FISCAL YEAR 2023-2024 BUDGET was set for February 6,2023 at 6pm. was approved on a motion from Ramler, second by Ungs. Ayes-Ungs, Rueber. Ramler, Bockenstedt, Bries.

The Mayor Roger Oberbroeckling appointed Dave Rueber as Mayor Pro Tem.

The council had a lengthy discussion on the Commercial Ave project and the DOT sidewalk project, parking lanes projects that will be coming up. The Mayor informed the council that he is working on funding to help with these projects through ECIA. The city clerk has had a conversation with the bonding attorney on the city share of Commercial Ave and the need to take out a GO bond for this. The council is looking at concrete for Commercial Ave and placing curb and gutter on N 3rd St to Commercial Ave.

The council also went over the quote for the walking trail, the council looked into possibly doing the trail in increments over the next couple of years.

Mayor Oberbroeckling went over the cost for the W/WW pumps and repairs that will need to be done. The cost of pumps ranges from $9000.00 to $14,000.00 per pump. Mike Meyers stated that Krapfl Const. had done the repair at the lift station. The council also discussed the water and sewer rates and the need to  increase due to the cost of operating and maintenance had escalated. Motion from Rueber to raise the rates $3.00 each, second by Ungs. The clerk will get the ordinances ready for review and passing at the February meeting.

The Goldfinch Geo renewal was approved on a motion from Bockenstedt, second by Ramler. Ayes-Ramler ,Ungs ,Rueber, Bockenstedt, Bries.

Matt Ramler is looking into using a grant for park improvements.

City of Luxemburg Payroll 2022:

Andy Bockenstedt-------$250.00

Travis Bries----------------$300.00       

Keith Mensen------------$5280.00

Albert Meyers-----------$10,280.51

Ramona Meyers---------$281.88  

 Angie Oberbroeckling--$20,727.76

Roger Oberbroeckling--$2,100.00

Matt Ramler--------------$275.00

Terry Recker-------------$7500.00

Dave Rueber-------------$275.00

Mike Ungs----------------$200.00                    

TOTAL WAGES-----------$47,470.15

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned on a motion from Ramler second by Ungs at 7:40 pm. Submitted by: Angela Oberbroeckling, City Clerk.

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